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  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Suitability and Duty of Care

  • Securities Based Lending

  • Corporate and Sovereign (incl. Emerging Market) Debt

  • Options, Futures and Swaps 

  • Repo and Securities Lending

Andrew Auslander_edited_edited.jpg

Andrew Auslander, CFA, FRM has nearly 30 years of experience in the trading and lending of fixed income and equity securities and enterprise risk management. In his career, he has managed securities-based lending desks, conducted credit analysis on financial firms and individuals, and valued illiquid securities. His expertise includes analyzing, trading, and risk managing portfolios of credit derivatives, foreign exchange options, investment grade and high yield corporate bonds, CMBS, CMOs, emerging market debt, and structured credit. He has negotiated Master Repurchase, Master Securities Lending and ISDA agreements for global institutions. He has experience in risk management governance, policies and procedures and key risk indicators. He previously held the following FINRA licenses: Series 3, 7, 24, 55 and 63. He has testified in arbitration and in state circuit court.

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