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John Feeney’s 30+ years of leadership in finance spans multiple asset classes, including FICC (fixed income, commodities and currencies) and equities. He has extensive experience shaping compliance policies at global banks and working with Australian, UK and EU regulators, as Vice Chairman of ISDA and as a Director of AFMA. At NAB, John was most recently head of conduct for the corporate and institutional bank, designing and implementing systems for managing conduct risk. Previously, John was head of pricing and conduct coordination for the FICC division, for which he priced valuation adjustments and managed related risks. John spearheaded NAB’s approach to benchmark reform for interbank rates. He also served as NAB’s global head of rates and credit, leading the bank’s interest rates and credit trading desks (both cash and derivative), and created the bank’s equity trading business. Before his time at NAB, John was head of trading for FICC and equities at CBA, after leading their swaps trading desk for several years. Since late 2018, he has been advising clients on a range of issues, including valuation models, and in performing trading desk reviews. John holds a PhD in theoretical chemistry from the University of Sydney. 

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