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Daniel Seligman, attorney-at-law and Certified Fraud Examiner, provides fact-finding, due diligence and investigative consulting services to law firms, bankruptcy trustees, business trade associations and other clients. He has also served as special counsel to bankruptcy trustees  to help recover assets for the estate.  Throughout his career, Dan has brought his legal training and fraud detection expertise to complex due diligence projects and investigations, from examining bank records to federal contracts, and from agricultural innovations to environmental issues.  Dan began his working career as a journalist, writing about electricity, natural gas, nuclear construction projects and related topics for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Sacramento Bee and The Electricity Journal.  Dan is a Certified CIP-1 (competitive intelligence professional) and a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.  Dan earned a BA (Sociology) from NYU, a Master of Studies in Law from Yale Law School, and a JD from the Seattle University School of Law.  He is based in Seattle, Washington. 


Selected Publications


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