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David Hinman, CFA has over 25 years of fixed income asset management experience.  His expertise includes trading and managing portfolios of credit derivatives, investment grade and high yield corporate bonds, bank loans, emerging market debt, and CLOs.  He has also participated in numerous corporate debt restructurings and served on workout creditor committees. In several instances he has been deposed.  Most recently, David was head of fixed income at Salient Partners.  He joined Salient in 2015 when it acquired SW Asset Management, an asset management firm specializing in emerging market corporate debt that David co-founded and where he served as CIO.  In his role at SW, David created and executed the investment process, including trade execution and portfolio structuring and risk management.  Prior to co-founding SW Asset Management, David held roles overseeing the credit business at Drake Management where he helped the firm navigate its way through the financial crisis, and before that as head of Ares Management’s capital markets group, where he managed the Ares Total Value Fund.  David began his investment management career at PIMCO, where he served for nearly 10 years as a portfolio manager, credit analyst and product manager, creating among other things a closed-end fund group as well as a dedicated bank loan desk.  David is a CFA charterholder.  He holds a BS (Corporate Finance and Investment Management) from the University of Alabama and an MBA (Finance) from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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