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PF2’s experts are retained by law firms in litigation and arbitration cases, and by trustees, insolvency practitioners, regulatory enforcement authorities and others in fact-finding investigations. We also assist litigation funders in performing pre-investment due diligence. 


We have testified in numerous prominent securities litigation matters, and helped oversee complex technical analyses in dozen of cases.  We have also prepared and helped counsel manage large data sets, particularly for litigation that involves financial products and market dynamics.

Legal teams benefit from our practitioner-level understanding of deal terms and our appreciation for market standards and practice.

Our team of experts and industry professionals have assisted legal counsel to:

  • Estimate damages under different economic scenarios and in varying judicial forums

  • Ensure document discovery requests are properly targeted

  • Unravel complex transactions, including fraudulent transfers of assets

  • Prepare experts and oversee expert evidence, including in their analysis of market efficiency or liquidity, preparation of event studies, or the determination of loss causation, transaction causation, or damages

  • Validate models and verify the reliability of data.

Areas of Expertise

– Financial Products
Pricing & Valuation
Risk Assessments
Credit Ratings
Appropriateness of  Financial Advice


– Manipulative Trading



Rate-set/benchmark manipulation


​– Fact-finding Investigations and Forensic Accounting

​– Cryptocurrencies

– Privacy / data markets

PF2’s expert “was the most qualified and credible of the experts” and “the most authoritative … with respect to the issue of the rating process and the ratability of the [notes].”

– ​Trial judge in MBIA Insurance v. Patriarch Partners VIII, LLC

(NYSD, 1:09-cv-03255)

“The team at PF2 was instrumental in guiding us through the structured finance ratings process, helping us resurrect and interpret the complex computer code delivered to us in this litigation, and rebuilding the credit models that would have been relied on at the time.” 

Industry Experience

Our testifying experts and research team have asset or deal-level industry experience, having managed, traded, rated, hedged or otherwise negotiated investments in the asset classes involved. ​

​– Partner, Stewarts Law LLP

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