Company-Level Valuations and Asset & Portfolio Pricing

Our team’s diverse background allows us a different perspective, as we develop our viewpoints from a combination of buy-side, sell-side, risk, rating agency and legal perspectives. Our direct access to key market participants and to intelligence about market developments and the latest trading levels has been invaluable when working on client-customized projects.

In addition to our examination of quantitative market data, like credit risk metrics, our analyses regularly draw on the high priority we afford to understanding idiosyncrasies in each market.

For complex assets, we work consistently to understand:

  1. the types of traders moving the specific markets and their complex incentive structures;

  2. the legal structures of the investments;

  3. the upside potential for the asset class or strong asset management; and 

  4. the risks associated with mismanagement or the potential for adverse selection of portfolio assets. ​​

In the context of private investments, it is critical to gauge questions of liquidity (or marketability) of the securities, and issues like controlling interests or voting rights.

PF2 employs scientific techniques to understand financial markets and analyze securities, often for buy-side investors wanting to perform thorough due diligence or risk management, or for managers looking for independent oversight or analysis.


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