PF2 Securities

PF2 – an independent consulting firm with specialized expertise in the
evaluation of financial products and the study of financial market dynamics

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Structured Finance Analysis

PF2 focuses on evaluating the risks inherent in various types of structured finance securities, including trust preferred collateralized debt obligations (TruPS CDOs) and corporate-backed CDOs, such as CLOs and CBOs and synthetics. Many of our clients deeply value the transparency we bring to the evaluation process, and the reporting options we provide under various accounting regimes, including FAS 115, 157 and EITF 99-20. Read More.

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Litigation Consulting

PF2 members have direct, first-hand industry experience with the asset classes at the center of a number of ongoing litigation concerns. Legal teams regularly rely on PF2’s experts to provide testimony on deal structures, market norms, and structuring nuances – and use our research team and valuation skills to model deal waterfall structures, analyze current or expected asset performance, or perform loss estimates or attribution analyses. Read More.