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Modeling, valuations, investigations, and technical strategy — by the people who have been in the business




There are many established firms providing litigation consulting services.  So why choose us?


Our clients will tell you that we are different.  Not only do we go the extra mile, but we provide a fundamentally different service. 


We are able to help you, or the court, understand the story.


Too many experts believe their job is to generate data or create a spreadsheet or produce a model that supposedly has all the answers.  They think they can explain how markets work in theory or how a product is traded or valued in theory.  But their reports cannot withstand scrutiny; and when they are deposed or show up in court, they often stumble.     

That is why PF2 has created a network of experienced personnel in law, finance, statistics, mathematics and accounting.  Many of our team members have PhDs or JDs or other advanced degrees, but we have spent our careers in the financial markets or other industries and professions that enable us to make a meaningful contribution to the legal team.  We have valued complex financial instruments, investigated Ponzi schemes and prepared fact-finding and due diligence reports for counsel in complex litigation involving securities, telecommunications, health care and other subjects.   


In a world in which experts are often dismissed and expert evidence is regularly deemed inadmissible, can you really afford the risk that comes with using only a theoretical expert?



PF2’s experts have worked on numerous prominent securities litigation matters, as testifying experts or in strategic roles where we oversee the technical part of experts' analysis, and help counsel prepare and manage large data sets or expert evidence of a statistical nature.

Securities Litigation Experts

  • Damages, market efficiency, market norms​

  • Strategic consulting to litigation counsel

  • Preparing scientific (technical) experts for cross-examination


  • Investigation of preference transactions and fraudulent conveyances

  • Due diligence and asset recovery



PF2 employs scientific techniques to understand financial markets and analyze securities, often for buy-side investors wanting to perform thorough due diligence or risk management or asset managers looking for independent oversight or analysis.

Valuations & Pricing

  • Company-level, and asset or portfolio-level pricing

  • Equities, bonds, derivatives, structured finance and other complex assets

Model Review

  • Financial, statisticaland mathematical models

  • Estimating damages or market efficiency

  • Credit risk and credit rating models



"[Defendant's] argument is rejected
because [PF2's] expert has offered such an assessment, based on a reasonable methodology and
reasonable assumptions."

– ​Trial judge in United States v. Glencore International  
(SDNY, Case No. 22-cr-297)

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